Meet The Staff at The Cross Christian Church 

Dr. James McFarland - Senior Pastor

James McFarland has a passion for serving Christ and has always been involved in the ministry since his early youth. He began in his teenage years serving as a bus captain at Faith Baptist Church in New Port Richey. Later he went on to serve at Maranatha Baptist as the Youth Minister while he was serving in the Marine Corps and during this time he started the Military Oasis, an outreach for local military members. After completing his time in the Marines he returned home and spent a year at Word of Life Bible Institute before enrolling in Bible School at Tampa Bay School of Ministry and Christian Arts. He also took a few necessary classes at St Leo University finally completing his Bachelors Degree in Biblical Education through Clearwater Christian College. Afterward he enrolled in Victory Bible college and completed his Masters Degree and eventually obtained his Doctorate degree in Biblical Education. During most of this time he was activey involved and served at First Baptist Church of New Port Richey as the Young Adults Sunday School Leader and also served on the Faith Evangelism Outreach Ministry. Most recently he served as an Alternate Deacon, a Greeter, an Usher, and the Sunday School Superintendent at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Palm Harbor. While serving at Pleasant Valley He felt the calling of God to serve full time as a Pastor and began praying and seeking the will of God and speaking with the Pastor there. A position became available and together with their Pastor, James McFarland and his wife prayed daily and following the will of God he has accepted the position as Senior Pastor of The Cross Christian Church located in New Port Richey. We look forward with great anticipation to all the plans that God has ahead of us.

Tisha McFarland - Secretary 

Tisha McFarland is the Pastors wife and as a result, with that comes a lot of responsibilities. She currently is a nurse for a local doctors office by profession but she is also the Church secretary. In addition she serves as the Youth Leader and as a greeter at the Church, and she plays an active part in the Street Ministry Team. She is also leading two ministries she started. One is our Healing Ministry where we take food to the sick members of the Church and pray with and for them. The other is our Adopt a Senior Ministry where we adopt a senior from a local assisted living facility. She is such a big part of the of all we do and always a welcome face to all of the new people that come to visit The Cross Christian Church.

Michael Chauncey - Interum Praise & Worship Leader

We are beyond blessed to have the incredible musical and vocal talent of Michael Chauncey leading our Praise and Worship. He has been involved in leading Praise and Worship for years at another Church as well as serving as a Pastor in the past. He is currently filling in as an interum Praise and Worship Leader and has really put together a great team of musicians that are a blessing to The Cross Christian Church. 

Alex & Naomi Tawney - Directors of Children & Youth Ministry

Alex and Naomi transfered from a church in Orlando to take over the youth ministry at The Cross Christian Church. Alex has his Bachellors Degree in Youth Ministry from Trinity Bible College and his wife has family ties here in the New Port Richey area. The two of them were looking for a Church where they could persue their interest in the field of youth leadership and through Naomi's father they heard our church was looking for a youth leader. They visited the church and quickly realized this is where God is calling them.  

Laura Rose - Nursery Coordinator / Community Outreach

Laura Rose is such a welcome addition to The Cross Christian Church Family. Immediately after visiting she knew she wanted to be involved at the Church and started working as the Nursery Coordinator. She was always jumping in and coming up with ideas on events and ideas for community involvement and as a result she also became the Community Oureach Coordinator as well. Her and her husband are always ready to lend a hand at the Church in any way they can and she always has a warm and welcoming smile. 

Our Greeters

Tisha M, Rebecca D, and Samantha L. are all three amazing women of God. When you visit The Cross Christian Church you can not help but run in to one of these welcome faces. They always greet everyone and make sure you have a bulletin and food and if your not careful they might even wrap up some food for you to take home with you. They are all such a wonderful addition to the Church and The Cross Christian Church would not be what it is without them.  

Our Ushers

Rebecca D, Lori M. and Tisha M. currently serve as our primary ushers. We also have several alternate ushers in the event one of the primary ushers can not be there or we need additional ushers for events etc. Our ushers play an important role in the Church and we really appreciate all they do.